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Drillmex chose an ERP system that could grow and scale with its distribution business

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Built for the cloud, CloudSuite Distribution

Since its buyout in 2005, Drillmex has expanded its distribution business organically and inorganically—growing its revenue by 211% since the takeover, thanks to the implementation of Distribution SX.e. Wanting to upgrade to the latest version, and having reached 97% of its server capacity for its on-premises set up, Drillmex decided it was time to move to CloudSuite™ Distribution.

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Powering Infor CloudSuite Distribution

Distribution SX.e powers Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution, a comprehensive cloud service of industry-proven wholesale distribution capabilities.

Reduce transaction costs

Many of Drillmex’s customers are repeat buyers that create similar orders on a regular basis. For Drillmex’s employees, having a system where information is easily accessible helps reduce transaction costs for customers when placing an order with the order desk. With increased automation and fewer manual processes due to implementing Infor® solutions, Drillmex reduced its number of backorders, resulting in more on-time deliveries to customers.

increase in revenue per employee since the use of Infor solutions
increase in the number of orders an individual on the order desk can process in a day
of the IT team’s time freed up that can be redeployed on strategic projects
If you just stay with the status quo, your business is at risk. Being able to easily add onto our existing CloudSuite Distribution footprint gives us a lot of flexibility as a company.
CS Distribution

Comprehensive functionality and consistent new innovations

Infor CloudSuite Distribution provides comprehensive, end-to-end functionality that helps boost performance across your organization. It also continuously innovates to future-proof your business.



  • Demand dashboard that puts information at your fingertips
  • Color-coded notifications for problems and exceptions
value-added service

Value-add services

  • Comprehensive services, such as kitting, light manufacturing, assembly, private labeling, warranty tracking, field service, storeroom management, and more
streamlined implementation

Streamlined implementation

  • Infor Implementation Accelerator (including documented best practices)
  • Training content for CloudSuite Distribution’s common actions


  • Ability to address unique business requirements without modifying the core solution
  • Personalization and configuration

Consider CloudSuite Distribution if you are a current customer of:

  • Infor Distribution SX.e
  • Infor Distribution A+
  • Infor Distribution FACTS
  • Legacy ERP solution
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