Infor Augmented Intelligence Service

Enhance your decision-making with artificial intelligence and machine learning 

Integrating human ingenuity with AI/ML

Infor Augmented Intelligence Service (AIS) blends human creativity with the prowess of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). Your organization can tap into data-driven insights for balanced and effective decision-making. Discover the game-changing benefits of Infor AIS. Imagine your entire organization powered with AI/ML capabilities. Everything you need is at your fingertips in a single software solution. With Infor AIS, you can automate routine tasks, use data to improve processes, and enhance the speed of your operations.

Infor AIS equips your organization with exponential processing power

Strategic decision making

  • Get evidence-based recommendations for complex choices 
  • Plan long-term with predictive analytics 
  • Boost confidence in operational decisions

Competitive advantage

  • Gain insights to stay ahead  of competitors
  • Identify market trends and shift before they’re obvious to others 
  • Enable rapid response to industry changes

Enhanced data processing

  • Process vast datasets quickly to save time 
  • Turn raw numbers into clear, actionable insights 
  • Reduce the chance of human error in data interpretation


  • Eliminate the need for multiple standalone tools 
  • Reduce overhead related to data management and analysis 
  • Streamline operations and reduce waste for increased ROI

Seamless integration

  • Adapt to existing enterprise systems
  • Minimize disruptions during implementation and deployment 
  • Enjoy consistent performance across diverse platforms

Expert collaboration

  • Connect with industry professionals for guidance 
  • Design tailored solutions specific to needs  
  • Benefit from an evolving service that continues to innovate
Combilift boosts equipment uptime and client satisfaction with Infor Coleman AI

Video Case Study

Combilift increases equipment uptime with AI-driven recommendations

Infor AIS provides advanced AI/ML tools to boost productivity

Infor AIS incorporates cutting-edge AI/ML tools designed for deep data exploration and automation of routine tasks. These algorithms streamline operations and reveal predictive insights for better decision-making. Operational bottlenecks get reduced. Resources are allocated more efficiently. Productivity metrics increase across all departments. You can pivot your team from mundane tasks to strategic growth initiatives.
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Harness data to enhance business intelligence

  • All-in-one data management solution 
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Quick launch within 90 days 
  • Collaborative partnerships 
  • Comprehensive support
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Drive digital transformation throughout the enterprise to achieve business goals

  • Revitalized business model 
  • Empowered personnel 
  • Stronger stakeholder relations 
  • Environmental foresight 
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
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Industry-specific tailored configurations

  • Customized solutions unique to specific industries 
  • Adapt to evolving business and tech landscapes 
  • Maximize potential with the right tools and insights 
  • Promote genuine collaboration for mutually beneficial relationships

Infor OS

A robust cloud operating platform for accelerating innovation throughout the enterprise ecosystem

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